Mathematics Form 1 Syllabus

  1. Numbers Syllabus
    1. Base Ten Numeration Syllabus
      1. Identify the place value in each digit in base ten numeration Syllabus
      2. Read numbers in base ten numeration Syllabus
      3. Write numbers in base ten numeration up to one billion Syllabus
      4. Apply numbers in daily life Syllabus
    2. Natural and Whole Number Syllabus
      1. Distinguish between natural and whole numbers Syllabus
      2. Identify even ,odd, and prime numbers Syllabus
      3. Show even , odd and prime numbers on number lines Syllabus
    3. Operations with Whole Numbers Syllabus
      1. Add whole numbers Syllabus
      2. Subtract whole numbers Syllabus
      3. Multiply whole numbers Syllabus
      4. Divide whole numbers Syllabus
      5. Use the four operations in solving word problems Syllabus
    4. Factors And Multiples Of Numbers Syllabus
      1. Find factors of a number Syllabus
      2. Find multiples of a number Syllabus
      3. Use factors to find the greatest common factors(GCF) of numbers Syllabus
    5. Integers Syllabus
      1. Identify integers Syllabus
      2. Add integers Syllabus
      3. Subtract integers Syllabus
      4. Multiply integers Syllabus
      5. Divide integers Syllabus
      6. Perform mixed operations on integers Syllabus
  2. Fractions Syllabus
    1. Proper, Improper and Mixed Numbers Syllabus
      1. Describe a fraction Syllabus
      2. Distinguish proper, improper fractions and mixed numbers Syllabus
    2. Comparison of Fractions Syllabus
      1. Simplify a fraction to its lowest terms Syllabus
      2. Identify equivalent fractions Syllabus
      3. Arrange fractions in order of size Syllabus
    3. Operations and Fractions Syllabus
      1. Add fractions Syllabus
      2. Subtract fractions Syllabus
      3. Multiply fractions Syllabus
      4. Divide fractions Syllabus
      5. Perform mixed operations on fractions Syllabus
      6. Solve word problems involving fractions Syllabus
  3. Decimal And Percentage Syllabus
    1. Decimals Syllabus
      1. Explain the concept of decimals Syllabus
      2. Convert fractions to terminating decimals and vice versa Syllabus
    2. Operations and Decimals Syllabus
      1. Add decimals Syllabus
      2. Subtract decimals Syllabus
      3. Multiply decimals Syllabus
      4. Perform mixed operations with decimals Syllabus
      5. Solve word problems involving decimals Syllabus
    3. Percentages Syllabus
      1. Express a quantity as a percentage Syllabus
      2. Convert a fraction into percentage and vice versa Syllabus
      3. Convert a decimal into percentage and vice versa Syllabus
      4. Apply percentages in daily life Syllabus
  4. Units Syllabus
    1. Units of Length Syllabus
      1. Convert one unit of length to another Syllabus
      2. Perform computations on metric units of length Syllabus
    2. Unit of Mass Syllabus
      1. Convert one unit of mass to another Syllabus
      2. Perform computation on metric units of mass Syllabus
    3. Units of Time Syllabus
      1. Convert one unit of time to another Syllabus
      2. Read and convert unit time of 12 hour clock to 24 hour clock and vice versa Syllabus
    4. Units of Capacity Syllabus
      1. State the standard unit of measuring capacity Syllabus
      2. Use the litre in daily life Syllabus
  5. Approximations Syllabus
    1. Rounding Off Numbers Syllabus
      1. Round off whole numbers to given place values Syllabus
      2. Round off decimals to a given number of decimal place Syllabus
    2. Significant Figures Syllabus
      1. Write a number to a given number of significant figures Syllabus
    3. Approximations in Calculations Syllabus
      1. Use the knowledge of rounding off of numbers in computations involving large numbers and small numbers Syllabus
  6. Geometry Syllabus
    1. Points and Lines Syllabus
      1. Explain the concept of a point Syllabus
      2. Extend the concept of a point to draw a line Syllabus
      3. Distinguish between a line, a line segment and a ray Syllabus
    2. Angles and Lines Syllabus
      1. Draw angles Syllabus
      2. Measure angles of different size using a protractor Syllabus
      3. Draw angles using a protractor Syllabus
    3. Constructions Syllabus
      1. Construct a perpendicular bisector to a line segment Syllabus
      2. Construct an angle of 60° using a pair of compasses Syllabus
      3. Bisect a given angle Syllabus
      4. Copy a given angle by construction Syllabus
      5. Construct parallel lines Syllabus
      6. Identify different types of angles formed by parallel lines and a transversal Syllabus
    4. Polygons And Regions Syllabus
      1. Describe a polygon and a region Syllabus
      2. Construct different types of triangles Syllabus
      3. Construct different quadrilaterals Syllabus
    5. Circles Syllabus
      1. Draw a circle Syllabus
      2. Describe different parts of a circle Syllabus
  7. Algebra Syllabus
    1. Algebraic Operations Syllabus
      1. Use symbols to form algebraic expressions Syllabus
      2. Simplify algebraic expressions Syllabus
    2. Equations with One Unknown Syllabus
      1. Solve an equation with one unknown Syllabus
      2. Form and solve an equation from word problems Syllabus
    3. Equations with Two Unknowns Syllabus
      1. Solve simultaneous equations Syllabus
      2. Solve linear simultaneous equations from practical situations Syllabus
    4. Inequalities Syllabus
      1. Solve linear inequalities in one unknown Syllabus
      2. Form linear inequalities from practical situations Syllabus
  8. Numbers (II) Syllabus
    1. Rational Numbers Syllabus
      1. Define a rational number Syllabus
      2. Perform the basic operations on rational numbers Syllabus
    2. Irrational Numbers Syllabus
      1. Define irrational numbers Syllabus
    3. Real Numbers Syllabus
      1. Define real numbers Syllabus
      2. Find absolute value of real numbers Syllabus
      3. Solve related practical problems Syllabus
  9. Ratio, Profit And Loss Syllabus
    1. Ratio Syllabus
      1. Express a ratio in its simplest form Syllabus
      2. Divide a given quantity into proportional parts Syllabus
    2. Profits and Loss Syllabus
      1. Find profit or loss Syllabus
      2. Calculate percentage profit and percentage profit and percentage loss Syllabus
    3. Simple Interest Syllabus
      1. Calculate simple interest Syllabus
      2. Solve real life problems related to simple interest Syllabus
  10. Coordinate Geometry Syllabus
    1. Coordinates of a Point Syllabus
      1. Read the coordinates of a point Syllabus
      2. Plot a point given its coordinates Syllabus
      3. Locate a point on the coordinates Syllabus
    2. Gradient (Slope) of a Line Syllabus
      1. Calculate the gradient of a line given two points Syllabus
    3. Equation of a Line Syllabus
      1. Find the equations of a line given the coordinates of two points on a line Syllabus
    4. Graphs of Linear Equations Syllabus
      1. Form the table of value Syllabus
      2. Draw the graph of a linear equation Syllabus
    5. Simultaneous Equations Syllabus
      1. Solve linear simultaneous equations graphically Syllabus
  11. Perimeters And Areas Syllabus
    1. Perimeters of Triangles and Quadrilaterals Syllabus
      1. Find the perimeters of triangles and quadrilaterals Syllabus
    2. Circumference of a Circle Syllabus
      1. Estimate the value of Pi ( Π) Syllabus
      2. Calculate the circumference of a circle Syllabus
    3. Areas of Rectangles and Triangles Syllabus
      1. Calculate the area of a rectangle Syllabus
    4. Areas of Trapezium and Parallelogram Syllabus
      1. Calculate area of a parallelogram Syllabus
      2. Calculate the area of a trapezium Syllabus
    5. Area of a Circle Syllabus
      1. Calculate areas of circle Syllabus

New Job Opportunities Dodoma at CHAMA CHA WALIMU Tanzania (CWT) | Deadline: 10th January, 2019

CWT which operates in Tanzania Mainland only, is a registered trade Union that recruits its members from the teaching profession and it has fulltime staff in every region. In order to improve its services to its members, the Union seeks to recruit dedicated, self-motivated, highly committed and well experienced staff to fill the following vacancies based at its headquarters in Dar es Salaam:-
Read Job Vacancies details and Mode of Application below: (To see clearly just Click to SAVE/ZOOM)

Job Opportunities Dar es salaam at Kazini Kwetu Limited

Senior Financial Accountant
Our client, a reputable mining and construction company in Tanzania is looking for a well experienced Senior Financial Accountant to be based in Dar es Salaam and ready to take responsibility as soon as possible. Among other things the successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring that financial accounts are prepared in a timely manner and that there is financial integrity of the statutory accounts. 
• Production of statutory accounts, balance sheet reconciliations, P&L
• Check that new asset have been entered into the Fixed Assets Register
• Verify details of new fixed asset against Purchase Order record and check that item has been posted in the journal
• Implement financial controls as required and monitor risks to financial controls
• Prepare reports in line with IFRS Standards as required
• Coordinate with internal and external auditors
• Manage accounts reconciliation and sign offs in coordination with other departments
• Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time 
• Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Finance etc.) or its equivalent degree.
• Fully qualified Accountant (CPA (T) or ACCA)
• 8 years’ experience in a similar position, four of which must have been in a managerial position.
• Experience in the mining or construction sector.

Customer Relations Manager – Dar es Salaam

On behalf of client KaziniKwetu Ltd is looking for Customer Relations Manager to be based in Dar es Salaam. The desired candidates should have worked in managerial roles in customer service/relations in a busy environment with ability to handle customer complaints.

• Develop and execute customer service strategy providing first class assistance and advice to customers at all customer service interface.
• Identify and ensure roll out of relevant CRM tools for effective servicing of customers.
• Ensure a robust training and quality assurance process is in place to ensure consistency in the handling of consumers and consumer complaints across all platforms and touch points.
• Put in place relevant KPI’s and conduct proper analysis of statistics to ensure the service levels to customers and respect set targets.
• Develop robust recognition and motivation scheme to minimize employee turn over in customer service.
• Ensure customer service is also a profit centre putting in place process and discipline for customer service staff to also sell to customers at all touch points.
• Ensure service level agreement exist with internal stake holders to ensure consumer complaints are resolved in time.
• Design customer service procedures, policies and standards to ensure customer service activities happen smoothly.
• Manage relations with any customer service provider to ensure that service delivery is very good.
• Conduct relevant outbound campaigns for selling, consumer understanding, retention and loyalty in agreement with other commercial functions.
• Work with research team to conduct relevant research and survey in order to continuously improve on service delivery and be ahead of competition.
• Ensure proper planning and budgeting for continued efficiency in the provision of customer service.
• Execute any other duties as assigned by the line manager.


• At least 5 years experience in Customer Relations roles.
• Contact center management experience.
• University degree.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Purchase Assistant
Duties & Responsibilities

• Identify available suppliers for each requisitioned item.
• Organize and maintain computerized records containing vendor and bid information.
• Perform general clerical duties such as maintaining general files, typing, data entry, opening mail, and completing and processing standard purchasing forms.
• Respond to inquiries which do not require the personal attention of the Procurement Specialist.
• Correspond with vendors and suppliers regarding prices, product availability, and delivery.
• Perform related work as required.


• At least one year experience in procurement
• Hands on experience in ERP system
• Holder of diploma/degree in procurement related studies.

Job Opportunity at Qatar Airways

QR19837 – Airport Services Agent | Qatar Airways | Kilimanjaro
Organisation: Qatar Airways
Job Function:Ground Services
Division:Kilimanjaro – JRO
Employment Type:Full Time – Permanent
City:Africa | Tanzania | Kilimanjaro
Last date of application:17-Jan-2019
Qatar Airways
Welcome to a world where ambitions fly high.
From experienced pilots to dynamic professionals embarking on new careers, Qatar Airways is searching for talented individuals to join our award-winning team.
We take pride in our people—a dynamic and culturally diverse workforce is essential to why we are one of the finest and fastest growing airlines in the world.
We offer competitive compensation and benefit packages.
About your job:
In this role you will deliver excellent service at the airport, helping create a stress free environment for customers travelling with Qatar Airways. You will ensure passengers receive total quality service and adhere to the safety policy and security standards of the company. 
Accountabilities include:
• Delivering the highest level of Customer Service at all customer touch points
• Constant liaison with Check-in, Boarding Gate, Ramp, Cargo, Lounge.
• Supervising service partners’ activities for the smooth acceptance of passengers.
• Directing Arriving/Departing passengers to respective areas such as Arrival Hall, Transfer Area, Departure Gate, Lounge, etc
• Checking entry requirements (visas, residence permits) are met
• Coordinating with Cargo, Fuelling company, Baggage Make up Area, aircraft loading team, catering suppliers for a smooth turnaround
• Handling of company mail
• Performing pre- and post-flight administration duties
• Handling baggage claims
• Ensuring compliance with QR Safety and Security requirements.
• On Time Performance

About you:
You will have a post graduate diploma education or equivalent. To be successful in this role you will require a minimum of 2 or more years’ proven experience in an Airline or GHA as Passenger Handling and /or Ground Operations staff, with a good knowledge of the Airport working environment. You will be an energetic, enthusiastic, stress resistant person with a positive can-do attitude, a strong team player, have a flexible approach, have strong decision making skills and possess solid commercial awareness. You will have excellent attention to detail and be able to work quickly and accurately under pressure. Ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment is essential. You must be proficient in Microsoft Office. Amadeus Reservations and Altea would be desirable.
Must be willing to work shifts including weekends and night shifts.
Fluency in English (Oral and written ) is essential for this role. Knowledge of Amadeus Reservations & DCS will be an added advantage. 

Note: you will be required to attach the following:
-Resume / CV
-Copy of Highest Educational Certificate
-Copy of Passport


The University of Dodoma (UDOM) wishes to announce the University of Dodoma Humanities Scholarships for the undergraduate students admitted in the School of Humanities at UDOM in the 2018/2019 academic year. 
The University of Dodoma Humanities scholarship aims to support the needy students who have been selected to join degree programmes in the school of Humanities but who have not been able to secure sponsorship from the Higher Education Students Loan Board (HESLB or any other sponsors. The University of Dodoma will not require beneficiaries to repay the money at the end of the scholarship periodSCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES at The University of Dodoma (UDOM)
Students who are nominated for this scholarship will pay only 60% of the tuition fee and the remaining 40% will be paid by the University of Dodoma. Once a student secures the Humanities Scholarship, he/she will continue to be a beneficiary for the duration of three years of studies in the admitted degree programmes. Students failing to complete their studies within the three years shall cease to be beneficiaries of the scholarship. 

1. Undergraduate (degree) students who are not beneficiaries of Higher Learning Students’
Loans Board (HESLB) or any other scholarship/grant.
2. Outstanding first year undergraduate students admitted to pursue BA in Literature, BA in Kiswahili Linguistics, BA in Kiswahili Literature, BA in Translation and interpretation, BA in English, BA in Theatre and Film, BA in Fine Arts and Designs, BA in History and BA in Cultural Heritage and Tourism in the School of Humanities of the University of Dodoma. 

The application for the scholarship will open on 2nd January, 2019 and will close on 15th January, 2019. In order to apply, first year students admitted to degree programmes in the School of Humanities can click the apply button in their SR accounts. 

For any enquiries please contact:
Director of Undergraduate Studies: 0758968944
Dean, School of Humanities: 0767901870