The Concept of Static Electricity
Explain the concept of static electricity
Static electricity refers to the electric charges stored on a conductor.

The Origin of Charges

Explain the origin of charges
When a plastic pen is rubbed with a cloth, it acquires the property of attracting small bits of
paper or light objects. In this case, the plastic pen is said to be electrified.
Electrification by rubbing was observed a long time ago by ancient Greeks. After the discovery
of electricity, things were grouped into two groups, electrics and non-electrics. Electrics refer to
things which are readily electrified while non-electrics are reverse of the former.

The two Types of Charges

Identify the two types of charges
There are two types of charge:
1. positive charge
2. negative charge

Identification of charge
Suspend a polythene rod A rubbed with fur. Bring another polythene rod B rubbed with fur up to
the rod A. Take a plastic rod and rub it with fur. Bring the plastic rod to up to the suspended rod
A. Repeat the exercise with acetate and glass rod rubbed with silk cloth.
An electrified polythene rod repels another electrified polythene rod. An acetate rod rubbed with
silk repels another acetate rod rubbed with silk cloth but it attracts a plastic rod rubbed with fur.