Mathematics Form 2 Syllabus

  1. Exponents And Radicals Syllabus
    1. Exponents Syllabus
      1. List the laws of exponents Syllabus
      2. Verify the laws of exponents Syllabus
      3. Apply laws of exponents in computations Syllabus
    2. Radicals Syllabus
      1. Simplify radicals Syllabus
      2. Perform basic operations on radicals Syllabus
      3. Rationalize the denominator Syllabus
      4. Read square roots and cube roots of numbers from mathematical tables Syllabus
    3. Transposition of Formula Syllabus
      1. Re-arrange letters so that one letter is the subject of the formula Syllabus
      2. Transpose a formulae with square roots and square Syllabus
  2. Algebra Syllabus
    1. Binary Operations Syllabus
      1. Describe the binary operations Syllabus
      2. Perform binary operations Syllabus
    2. Brackets in Computation Syllabus
      1. Perform basic operations involving brackets Syllabus
      2. Simplify algebraic expressions involving the basic operations and brackets Syllabus
    3. Quadratic Expressions Syllabus
      1. Form a quadratic expression from two linear factors Syllabus
      2. Write the general form of quadratic expression Syllabus
    4. Factorization Syllabus
      1. Factorize linear expressions Syllabus
      2. Factorize quadratic expressions Syllabus
  3. Quadratic Equations Syllabus
    1. Solving Equations Syllabus
      1. Determine the solution of a quadratic equation by factorization Syllabus
      2. Find the solution of a quadratic equation by completing the square Syllabus
    2. General Solution of Quadratic Equations Syllabus
      1. Derive the quadratic formula Syllabus
      2. Solve quadratic equations using quadratic formula Syllabus
  4. Logarithms Syllabus
    1. Standard Form Syllabus
      1. Write numbers in standard form Syllabus
      2. Perform computations which involved multiplication and division of numbers expressed in standard form Syllabus
    2. Laws Of Logarithms Syllabus
      1. State the laws of logarithms Syllabus
      2. Verify the laws of logarithms using the knowledge of exponents Syllabus
      3. Use the laws of Logarithms to simplify logarithmic expressions Syllabus
      4. Solve logarithmic equation Syllabus
      5. Apply laws of logarithms to find products, quotients, roots and powers of numbers Syllabus
      6. Apply logarithmic tables to find products and quotients of numbers computation Syllabus
      7. Apply logarithmic tables to find roots and power of numbers Syllabus
  5. Congruence Syllabus
    1. Congruence of Triangles Syllabus
      1. Determine the conditions for congruence of triangles Syllabus
      2. Prove congruence of triangle Syllabus
      3. Apply theorems on congruence of triangles to solve related problems Syllabus
  6. Similarity Syllabus
    1. Similar Figures Syllabus
      1. Identify similar polygons Syllabus
      2. Prove similarity theorems of triangles Syllabus
  7. Geometric And Transformations Syllabus
    1. Reflection Syllabus
      1. Describe the characteristics of reflection in a plane Syllabus
      2. Represent different reflections by drawings Syllabus
    2. Rotations Syllabus
      1. Describe characteristics of a rotation on a plane Syllabus
      2. Represent different rotation on a plane by drawings Syllabus
    3. Translation Syllabus
      1. State properties of translations Syllabus
      2. Represent translations drawings Syllabus
    4. Enlargement Syllabus
      1. Develop a scale of enlargement Syllabus
      2. Construct enlargement of a given figures Syllabus
      3. Draw figures to scale Syllabus
      4. Find actual distances represented by a scale drawings Syllabus
    5. Combined Transformations Syllabus
      1. Draw combined transformations Syllabus
      2. Solve simple problems on combined transformations Syllabus
  8. Pythagoras Theorem Syllabus
    1. Proof of Pythagoras Theorem Syllabus
      1. Prove the pythagoras theorem Syllabus
    2. Application of Pythagoras Theorem Syllabus
      1. Apply the pythagoras theorem to solve daily life problems Syllabus
  9. Trignometry Syllabus
    1. Trigonometric Rations Syllabus
      1. Define sine, cosine and tangent of an angle using a right angled triangle Syllabus
    2. Trigonometric Ratios of Special Angles Syllabus
      1. Determine the sine, cosine and tangent of 30°, 45° and 60° without using mathematical tables Syllabus
      2. Solve simple trigonometric problems related to special angles Syllabus
    3. Trigonometric Tables Syllabus
      1. Read the trigonometric ratios from tables Syllabus
      2. Solve problems involving trigonometric ratios from tables Syllabus
    4. Angles of Elevation and Depression Syllabus
      1. Demonstrate angles of elevation and angles of depression Syllabus
      2. Solve Problems involving angles of elevation and angles of depression Syllabus
  10. Sets Syllabus
    1. Description of a Set Syllabus
      1. Define a set Syllabus
      2. List the members of a set Syllabus
      3. Name a set Syllabus
      4. Distinguish sets by listing and by stating the members Syllabus
    2. Types of Sets Syllabus
      1. Define a universal set and an empty set Syllabus
      2. Distinguish between finite and infinite sets Syllabus
      3. Distinguish between equivalent and equal sets Syllabus
    3. Subsets Syllabus
      1. Define a subset Syllabus
      2. List subsets of a given set Syllabus
      3. Distinguish between proper and improper subsets Syllabus
      4. Calculate the number of subsets in a set Syllabus
    4. Operations With Sets Syllabus
      1. Find union of two sets Syllabus
      2. Find the compliment of a set Syllabus
      3. Find the number of elements in the union and intersection of two sets Syllabus
    5. Venn Diagrams Syllabus
      1. Represent a sets by using venn diagrams Syllabus
      2. Interpret information from venn diagrams Syllabus
  11. Statistics Syllabus
    1. Pictograms Syllabus
      1. Display Information by pictograms Syllabus
      2. Interpret pictograms Syllabus
    2. Bar Charts Syllabus
      1. Draw horizontal and vertical bar charts Syllabus
      2. Interpret bar chart Syllabus
    3. Line Graphs Syllabus
      1. Represent data using line graphs Syllabus
      2. Interpret line graphs Syllabus
    4. Pie Chart Syllabus
      1. Display data using pie charts Syllabus
      2. Interpret pie charts Syllabus
    5. Frequency Distribution Tables Syllabus
      1. Make frequency distribution tables from raw data Syllabus
      2. Interpret frequency distribution table form raw data Syllabus
      3. Interpret frequency distribution tables Syllabus
    6. Frequency Polygons Syllabus
      1. Draw frequency polygons from frequency distribution tables Syllabus
      2. Interpret frequency polygons Syllabus
    7. Histograms Syllabus
      1. Draw histograms from frequency distribution table Syllabus
      2. Interpret histograms Syllabus
    8. Cumulative Frequency Curves Syllabus
      1. Draw cumulative frequency curves from a cumulative frequency distribution table Syllabus
      2. Interpret a cumulative frequency curve Syllabus


TAMISEMI:Teachers Employment,Majina Ajira Mpya Walimu wa Msingi na Sekondari April 27, 2019


About The Ministry of Education:
Mission: "To put in place and  strengthen structures and procedures which will enable a country to get educated and  continuous learning Tanzanians that add value in National development."
Vision: "An educated Tanzanian with the requisite knowledge, skills, ability and positive attitude that add value in National development."

Public Notice about New Employed Primary and Secondary School Teachers
The government(OR-TAMISEMI)  announces the list of new employed Primary and Secondary School Teachers. Read carefully the announcement below then Download The PDF file contain all names at the end of this advert:




Mathematics Form 1 Syllabus
  1. Numbers Syllabus
    1. Base Ten Numeration Syllabus
      1. Identify the place value in each digit in base ten numeration Syllabus
      2. Read numbers in base ten numeration Syllabus
      3. Write numbers in base ten numeration up to one billion Syllabus
      4. Apply numbers in daily life Syllabus
    2. Natural and Whole Number Syllabus
      1. Distinguish between natural and whole numbers Syllabus
      2. Identify even ,odd, and prime numbers Syllabus
      3. Show even , odd and prime numbers on number lines Syllabus
    3. Operations with Whole Numbers Syllabus
      1. Add whole numbers Syllabus
      2. Subtract whole numbers Syllabus
      3. Multiply whole numbers Syllabus
      4. Divide whole numbers Syllabus
      5. Use the four operations in solving word problems Syllabus
    4. Factors And Multiples Of Numbers Syllabus
      1. Find factors of a number Syllabus
      2. Find multiples of a number Syllabus
      3. Use factors to find the greatest common factors(GCF) of numbers Syllabus
    5. Integers Syllabus
      1. Identify integers Syllabus
      2. Add integers Syllabus
      3. Subtract integers Syllabus
      4. Multiply integers Syllabus
      5. Divide integers Syllabus
      6. Perform mixed operations on integers Syllabus
  2. Fractions Syllabus
    1. Proper, Improper and Mixed Numbers Syllabus
      1. Describe a fraction Syllabus
      2. Distinguish proper, improper fractions and mixed numbers Syllabus
    2. Comparison of Fractions Syllabus
      1. Simplify a fraction to its lowest terms Syllabus
      2. Identify equivalent fractions Syllabus
      3. Arrange fractions in order of size Syllabus
    3. Operations and Fractions Syllabus
      1. Add fractions Syllabus
      2. Subtract fractions Syllabus
      3. Multiply fractions Syllabus
      4. Divide fractions Syllabus
      5. Perform mixed operations on fractions Syllabus
      6. Solve word problems involving fractions Syllabus
  3. Decimal And Percentage Syllabus
    1. Decimals Syllabus
      1. Explain the concept of decimals Syllabus
      2. Convert fractions to terminating decimals and vice versa Syllabus
    2. Operations and Decimals Syllabus
      1. Add decimals Syllabus
      2. Subtract decimals Syllabus
      3. Multiply decimals Syllabus
      4. Perform mixed operations with decimals Syllabus
      5. Solve word problems involving decimals Syllabus
    3. Percentages Syllabus
      1. Express a quantity as a percentage Syllabus
      2. Convert a fraction into percentage and vice versa Syllabus
      3. Convert a decimal into percentage and vice versa Syllabus
      4. Apply percentages in daily life Syllabus
  4. Units Syllabus
    1. Units of Length Syllabus
      1. Convert one unit of length to another Syllabus
      2. Perform computations on metric units of length Syllabus
    2. Unit of Mass Syllabus
      1. Convert one unit of mass to another Syllabus
      2. Perform computation on metric units of mass Syllabus
    3. Units of Time Syllabus
      1. Convert one unit of time to another Syllabus
      2. Read and convert unit time of 12 hour clock to 24 hour clock and vice versa Syllabus
    4. Units of Capacity Syllabus
      1. State the standard unit of measuring capacity Syllabus
      2. Use the litre in daily life Syllabus
  5. Approximations Syllabus
    1. Rounding Off Numbers Syllabus
      1. Round off whole numbers to given place values Syllabus
      2. Round off decimals to a given number of decimal place Syllabus
    2. Significant Figures Syllabus
      1. Write a number to a given number of significant figures Syllabus
    3. Approximations in Calculations Syllabus
      1. Use the knowledge of rounding off of numbers in computations involving large numbers and small numbers Syllabus
  6. Geometry Syllabus
    1. Points and Lines Syllabus
      1. Explain the concept of a point Syllabus
      2. Extend the concept of a point to draw a line Syllabus
      3. Distinguish between a line, a line segment and a ray Syllabus
    2. Angles and Lines Syllabus
      1. Draw angles Syllabus
      2. Measure angles of different size using a protractor Syllabus
      3. Draw angles using a protractor Syllabus
    3. Constructions Syllabus
      1. Construct a perpendicular bisector to a line segment Syllabus
      2. Construct an angle of 60° using a pair of compasses Syllabus
      3. Bisect a given angle Syllabus
      4. Copy a given angle by construction Syllabus
      5. Construct parallel lines Syllabus
      6. Identify different types of angles formed by parallel lines and a transversal Syllabus
    4. Polygons And Regions Syllabus
      1. Describe a polygon and a region Syllabus
      2. Construct different types of triangles Syllabus
      3. Construct different quadrilaterals Syllabus
    5. Circles Syllabus
      1. Draw a circle Syllabus
      2. Describe different parts of a circle Syllabus
  7. Algebra Syllabus
    1. Algebraic Operations Syllabus
      1. Use symbols to form algebraic expressions Syllabus
      2. Simplify algebraic expressions Syllabus
    2. Equations with One Unknown Syllabus
      1. Solve an equation with one unknown Syllabus
      2. Form and solve an equation from word problems Syllabus
    3. Equations with Two Unknowns Syllabus
      1. Solve simultaneous equations Syllabus
      2. Solve linear simultaneous equations from practical situations Syllabus
    4. Inequalities Syllabus
      1. Solve linear inequalities in one unknown Syllabus
      2. Form linear inequalities from practical situations Syllabus
  8. Numbers (II) Syllabus
    1. Rational Numbers Syllabus
      1. Define a rational number Syllabus
      2. Perform the basic operations on rational numbers Syllabus
    2. Irrational Numbers Syllabus
      1. Define irrational numbers Syllabus
    3. Real Numbers Syllabus
      1. Define real numbers Syllabus
      2. Find absolute value of real numbers Syllabus
      3. Solve related practical problems Syllabus
  9. Ratio, Profit And Loss Syllabus
    1. Ratio Syllabus
      1. Express a ratio in its simplest form Syllabus
      2. Divide a given quantity into proportional parts Syllabus
    2. Profits and Loss Syllabus
      1. Find profit or loss Syllabus
      2. Calculate percentage profit and percentage profit and percentage loss Syllabus
    3. Simple Interest Syllabus
      1. Calculate simple interest Syllabus
      2. Solve real life problems related to simple interest Syllabus
  10. Coordinate Geometry Syllabus
    1. Coordinates of a Point Syllabus
      1. Read the coordinates of a point Syllabus
      2. Plot a point given its coordinates Syllabus
      3. Locate a point on the coordinates Syllabus
    2. Gradient (Slope) of a Line Syllabus
      1. Calculate the gradient of a line given two points Syllabus
    3. Equation of a Line Syllabus
      1. Find the equations of a line given the coordinates of two points on a line Syllabus
    4. Graphs of Linear Equations Syllabus
      1. Form the table of value Syllabus
      2. Draw the graph of a linear equation Syllabus
    5. Simultaneous Equations Syllabus
      1. Solve linear simultaneous equations graphically Syllabus
  11. Perimeters And Areas Syllabus
    1. Perimeters of Triangles and Quadrilaterals Syllabus
      1. Find the perimeters of triangles and quadrilaterals Syllabus
    2. Circumference of a Circle Syllabus
      1. Estimate the value of Pi ( Π) Syllabus
      2. Calculate the circumference of a circle Syllabus
    3. Areas of Rectangles and Triangles Syllabus
      1. Calculate the area of a rectangle Syllabus
    4. Areas of Trapezium and Parallelogram Syllabus
      1. Calculate area of a parallelogram Syllabus
      2. Calculate the area of a trapezium Syllabus
    5. Area of a Circle Syllabus
      1. Calculate areas of circle Syllabus


List of Careers VSO International


Employment and Entrepreneurship Adviser Jobs

Organization Overview

VSO is the world’s leading international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty. Working in 24 countries around the world, our unique role in international development is to place committed volunteers with carefully selected organisations where their skills can have the greatest impact.
As a VSO volunteer you’ll live and work in some of the world’s poorest communities. By sharing your unique skills and experience you’ll help generate new ideas and new ways of doing things, helping the communities you work in lift themselves out of poverty. We’re not about delivering quick fixes, but instead we focus on long-lasting, sustainable change, that will impact generations to come. Join us as a VSO volunteer and help us work towards our vision of a world without poverty.

Role Overview

This is an exciting opportunity to contribute improving the employability of vulnerable and marginalised people, including women, youth and people with disabilities in the countries that VSO is working in. The ideal person for this position will be working hand in hand with members of the Global Livelihoods team, located around the world, and Livelihoods in the country offices of VSO Tanzania, VSO Uganda and VSO Kenya. You will support documenting VSO’s work in the area of employment and entrepreneurship and advice on improvements and future focus of the work. Your input will ensure that VSO is delivering a relevant package of employment and entrepreneurship services to marginalized youth.

Skills, Qualifications, and Experience

Qualifications (essential): 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business management or social science, Entrepreneurship, Economics or related field. 
  • Background on training, education or facilitation skills will be the most advantageous factor for this position. 
  • Communication – communicates at various levels depending on the audience and content of message, communicates the rights message, excellent in communication consistency between partners in the project 
  • Analysis and creative problem-solving – proactive to deliver solutions to challenges. Ability to analyse and quickly grasp the fundamentals of a need. Able to find innovative ways of solving or pre-empting problems. 
  • Flexibility – ability to be proactive in changing environment of working, business management, and entrepreneurship is desirable, experienced on people management and ability to work in a multinationals with flexibilities of cultural differences. 
  • Good writing skills

Competencies and Behaviour

At VSO we believe progress is only possible by working together. Whether you want to join us as an employee, or as a volunteer working in your own country, overseas or online, our selection process includes an assessment based on these core competencies:
  • Ability to be open-minded and respectful
  • Ability to be resilient and adaptive to new situations
  • Ability to facilitate positive change and build sustainable working relationships
  • Ability to seek and share knowledge 

Equal Opportunities

VSO promotes equal opportunities and values a diverse workforce.

Allowance and accommodation

All volunteers have an allowance paid in local currency. The allowance meets reasonable living expenses in country, but will not be enough to send money home.
VSO works with some of the poorest communities in the world which means accommodation varies and will be basic.

New Vacancies at Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL)

Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) is in the process of revamping its operations and has introduced new equipment to its fleet as part of implementation of its five years Corporate Strategic Plan (2017/2018-2020-2021). In line with this expansion, the Company is also making some reforms in its structure, internal operations and staffing to accommodate the needs of its rapid expansion. Therefore, applications are invited from qualified Tanzanians to fill the following positions. 
Entry Qualifications
The following are qualifications for aspired candidates:-
  • Must have Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent qualifications
  • Should have the ability to read and interpret architectural and engineering drawings, specifications, codes and other material pertinent to construction and rehabilitation works.
  • Working knowledge of building components and systems.
  • Should be ERB Registered Services Engineer/Consultant Engineer who in the last ten years been involved in new construction projects of which five years are in rehabilitation or renovation project works in capacity such as clerk of the works or project manager.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Handing over site to Contractor including drafting site handing over meeting minutes for submission to all contract parties;
  • Evaluate Contractor’s payment and performance guarantees and submit the report to client;
  • Conduct Regular site Inspection and Issue Instructions to Contractor in relation to regulatory bodies compliances without deviating to the original contract between contractor and employer/client;
  • Provide reports on all on-site matters including third-party inspections, progress, safety concerns and causes for delay.
  • Evaluate all materials quality tests reports and samples and submit reports to client/employer;
  • Assess installed equipment’s and services systems functionality and report to client/employer;
  • Value actual executed works, certify payments and advise client for payment purpose,
  • Preparation of Drawings and Bill of Quantities for the proposed works.
  • Monitor working plan submitted by contractor as per contractual time frame;

Attractive remuneration and Fringe Benefits as per ATCL Scales and Incentive Scheme. 

Five (5) years contract (renewable) upon successful performance for Manager Revenue Management and Network Planning and ICT Officers and Six (6) months Specific Task Contract for a Clerk of  Works which might be extended depending on the completion of the Projects. 

Interested applicants must submit a dully signed letter for consideration of the applications attached with the following:
  • A detailed curriculum vitae (CV);
  • Certified copies of all certificates (including Secondary School), other relevant certificates and licenses. (Tanzanian applicants who have studied outside Tanzania should have their certificates approved by relevant authorities i.e Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) or National Examination Council- NECTA))
  • Two recent passport size photographs;
  • Names and addresses of at least two reputable referees;
  • Applicant’s reliable contact address, email address and telephone numbers
  • The applicant must indicate willingness to work upcountry when need be.
Misrepresentation of facts and qualifications during application shall warrant legal consequences.

Application letters should reach the undersigned within 7 days for a position of  a Clerk of Works and 14 days for the rest of positions from the first date (24/4/2019) of this announcement:-
Tanzania careers: For career opportunities please send your CV to

Ministry of Home Affairs Jobs (5,400 Posts) – Ajira za Polisi, Askari Magereza, Uhamiaji na Zimatoto

Job Vacancies at Ministry of Home Affairs – Police Force, Askari Magereza, Uhamiaji na Zimatoto.
The Ministry of Home Affairs is a government ministry of Tanzania. Its mission is to “save lives and properties, facilitate and control movement of aliens and non-aliens, assist refugees, and rehabilitate convicts through implementation of relevant laws and regulations.
Dodoma. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has allocated 5,400 jobs in the financial year 2019/20, with many of them being directed to the police force.
Minister of ministries, Kangi Lugola, said today on April 24 in parliament in Dodoma while reading a projections of revenue and expenditure for the ministry for the fiscal year 2019/20 in parliament in Dodoma.
Minister Lugola said there is still a shortage of human resources so the ministry has allocated such jobs to reduce the shortage.
In this division, the police will employ 3,725 soldiers, 685 prisons, with firearms and migration each being granted 500 jobs for the period.
With this statement, President John Magufuli’s prescription may have been made when he discovered the government’s government in Dodoma recently about young volunteers who built government buildings to be employed.The President ordered the 1,500 youth to be employed in both defense and security forces, where he asked the military commander to collaborate with other departments to distribute them to the JKT youth.

4 New Employment Vacancies at Precision Air Services Plc, Dar es salaam


To provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve Airline’s operations. This is through helpings the Airline to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of governance, risk management and control processes
  • Planning and executing assigned assurance and consulting audit engagements on successfully.
  • Identifies and communicates issues raised, offering recommended solutions relevant to business and risk.
  • Monitor the timely implementation of the management actions in the audit reports.
  • Supervises internal auditors assigned to engagements providing guidance and overall review of deliverables.
  • Ensures audit conclusions are based on a complete understanding of the process, circumstances, and risk
  • Develops audit programs and testing procedures relevant to risk and test objectives.
  • Obtains and reviews evidence ensuring audit conclusions are well-documented
  • Compile the audit working papers to authenticate the audit observations
  • Ensures adherence at all times to all applicable department and professional standards
  • Communicates assigned tasks to engagement team in a manner that is clear and concise ensuring high quality, accurate, and efficient results.
  • Organizes personal effort along with those of the InternalAuditors to be risk-based, productive, and efficient at all times
  • Ensures adequate focus on personal professional growth relevant to taking on more challenging assignments, in line with standard audit career progression – proactively seeks relevant Education and training opportunities.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Good reference that can demonstrate highest degree of integrity.
  • Must have good working knowledge of computerized accounting systems, preferably Sun Systems. Must be computer literate in using Microsoft Office programs.
  • Be self-driven and capable of working with minimal supervision.
  • Strong planning and organizational skills to prioritize and meet commitments.
  • Should have good communication and quantitative skills.
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with all levels of staff.
  • Demonstrate a positive, can-do attitude.

  • Certificate of Secondary Education – Form IV/ VI
  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Finance or other business-related degree. A Graduate Degree in Accounting or Finance would be an added advantage.
  • A recognized professional qualification such as CPA or ACCA is required. Having CIA is an added advantage.
  • A minimum of at least 3years audit experience.
Closing Date: Not later than 28th April 2019

To ensure flight dispatch duties are carried out efficiently in conformity with safety standards of the
• Collect the latest meteorological data from the concerned agencies. Thoroughly analyze the possible effects of the weather on the route to be flown in the light of the reports and its forecasts for the destination and alternate aerodromes; recent weather reports and forecasts for the route and areas adjacent to it; and current weather maps.
• Collect the latest available data on standard instrument departures, en-route facilities, navigation aids, aerodrome facilities, ATC and communication procedures, NOTAM,AIP,AIC ,runway conditions, search and rescue facilities and other information and regulations likely to affect the flight and brief the flight crew as required

Prepare an operational flight plan consistent with standard instrument departures, ATC regulations and the regulations of all the States to be over flown for the consideration of the pilot-in-command.
• In consultation with the Flight Operations Manager initiate to delay or cancel the flight or otherwise decide on a possible route or alternative routes which may be flown safely and in accordance with company procedures and standards, taking into account likely weather conditions at the destination and alternate aerodromes; en-route weather; and the maximum fuel load possible.
• Provide the meteorological briefing to the flight crew.
• Brief crew on the route analysis and the Pre computed flight plan bringing to their notice the factors that have influenced the choice of route.
• Furnish the pilot-in-command with all latest available information on the route to be flown
• Receive and retain full written details of all the Dangerous Goods to be loaded on the aircraft and their locations if authorized
• Be aware of the contents of the Dangerous Goods to be carried if authorized
• Be aware of the action to be taken in the event of emergencies involving dangerous Goods.
• If an in-flight emergency occurs and the situation permits, information on dangerous good carried is passed to the appropriate Air Traffic Services unit.
• If there is an aircraft incident or accident, information on dangerous goods carried is passed to the State where the incident or accident occurred.
• If there is a dangerous goods incident or accident a report is made to the appropriate Authority within 72 hours of incident/ accident or discovery unless exceptional circumstances prevent such reporting within the time stipulated.
• Have all documents, namely, the flight plan, fuel docket, plus any other related documents, signed by the pilot-in-command as indication of responsibility for the safety and security of the flight.
• Prepare and file the ATC flight plan and ensure that changes in ATS flight plan prior to departure are coordinated with the relevant regulatory authority before transmission to the aircraft.
• Undertake any other functions deemed necessary for the safe operation of the flight. Maintain an updated technical library at the Dispatch office
• Preparations and dissemination of pre-flight aeronautical information essential for the safety, regularity and efficiency of air navigation
• Other duties enlisted in the Company’s General Operation Manual

Knowledge, Skills Experience

• University Graduate in Science or Business field or Diploma in Airline Operations
• Valid Flight Operation License issued by Authority
• Must have worked in flight Dispatch/Operations Control for at least 2 years.
• Ability to respond quickly to changes
• Computer literate
• Must be proficiency in English Language
• Team Player
• Stress tolerant
• High level of analytical skills

Closing Date:
Not later than 27th April 2019

Mode of Application:

If you feel you meet the above requirements please send your application and CV to the address below. Only short‐listed applicants will be contacted.
Director of Human Resources and Administration

Precision Air Services Plc
Mail Box 70770
Dar es Salaam


Career Vacancies at UNESCO Tanzania

Job Title: National Profession Officer (culture)
Location: Tanzania
Application Deadline: 2019-05-23
UNESCO Core Values: Commitment to the Organization, Integrity, Respect for Diversity, Professionalism 
Overview of the functions of the post
Under the overall authority of the Assistant Director-General for Culture (ADG/CLT) and the direct supervision of the Head of the UNESCO Dar es Salaam Office, the incumbent will contribute to the design, implementation, and coordination of activities carried out under Major Programme IV – Culture in Tanzania in view of supporting the Member State in their efforts to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the African Union Agenda 2063. The incumbent shall work as part of the interdisciplinary team in the UNESCO Dar es Salaam Office, in collaboration with culture stakeholders, and with technical guidance from Programme Divisions at Headquarters and the Culture Programme Specialist in the Multi-sectoral Regional Office for Eastern Africa in Nairobi. In this context, the incumbent will:
  • Contribute to identifying, designing and implementing activities in the field of culture in the country within the framework of the Culture Sector’s strategies and priorities, particularly for the promotion, preservation and safeguarding of tangible and intangible heritage, the promotion of creative industries, and the advancement of the linkages between culture and development, to help build the institutional capacity of UNESCO’s national/local counterparts and partners. In close cooperation with Headquarters, contribute to intersectoral programmes developed by the Office.
  • Contribute to identifying, designing and implementing extra-budgetary projects in collaboration with Culture Partners to reinforce the Regular Programme and ensure the related required fundraising by mobilizing resources and partnerships including providing professional and technical contributions based on research and analysis, with an emphasis on the national perspective and potential.
  • Coordinate the implementation of all technical cultural cooperation projects of the Office funded through extra-budgetary resources by monitoring implementation and outputs and ensuring timely implementation consistent with the approved project documentation.
  • Maintain close contacts with the concerned national/local authorities and contribute to the development of national cultural policies. In this context, maintain working relations and interact with relevant governmental bodies, cultural institutions, as well as pertinent intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations. Maintain working relations with the concerned Resident Coordinator Office and other UN Agencies, groups and entities.
  • Participate in joint programming exercises within the framework of the UN reform, such as Delivering as One, Common Country Assessments/United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks (CCA/UNDAF).

A successful candidate will be required to demonstrate the following competencies:
Core Competencies
  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Results focus
  • Planning and organizing
  • Knowledge sharing and continuous improvement
For detailed information please consult the UNESCO Competency Framework
Required qualifications
  • Advanced university degree (Master’s or equivalent) in the field of culture, social and human sciences or a related area.
Work Experience
  • Minimum of 2 years of relevant experience in project implementation in the field of Culture,
  • Proven experience in designing and implementing programme and policies in the field of Culture.

Skills and competencies
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving skills,
  • Proven resource mobilization skills,
  • knowledge of UNESCO’s standard-setting instruments and programmes in the field of cultural heritage,
  • Proven ability to draft clearly and concisely,
  • Ability to build, maintain and enhance working relations with national/local authorities, cultural institutions and relevant intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations,
  • Discretion and maturity of judgment,
  • Good IT skill (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.).

  • Excellent knowledge of English or French and very good knowledge of the other language,
  • Full proficiency of the official language of the duty station.

Desirable qualifications Education
  • Relevant professional training in the field of culture.

Work Experience
  • Work experience in the UN or international organizations.
  • Familiarity with the political context of the region.
  • Knowledge of local languages (s) and dialects. Assessment An assessment exercise may be used in the evaluation of candidates

How to apply?
To apply, please send your CV together with the motivation cover letter to Please clearly indicate in the subject line of your application message the post title and post number. The deadline for submission is 23rd May, 2019 at midnight (Tanzania). 

Benefits and entitlements
UNESCO’s salaries are paid in local currency. Other benefits include 30 days annual leave, family allowance, medical insurance and pension plan More details can be found on the ICSC Website.
Please note that UNESCO is a no-smoking Organization.
UNESCO is committed to promoting geographical distribution and gender equality within its Secretariat. Therefore, women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply, as are nationals from non- and under-represented Member States. Persons with disabilities equally are encouraged to apply.
APPLY TO: Before 23rd May, 2019 at midnight (Tanzania).
UNESCO applies a zero tolerance policy against all forms of harassment.

New Job Vacancies at TIGO Tanzania

Job Title: Territory Manager – Coast Rural, Mtwara (Grade 13)
To ensure achievement of sales objectives in the region and correct implementation of company strategy through adequate coordination of distributors.
Key Responsibilities
• Comply sales objectives by product set in budget.
• Coordinate sales teams in order to comply objectives applying correct procedures.
• Assure correct implementation of sales and marketing strategies.
• Assure methodical coaching to sales teams.
• Evaluate permanently diverse ways of captioning new customers.
• Review and analyse weekly sales of areas and assigned distributors by region.
• Permanent evaluation of performance.
• Visit periodically his territories, to assure correct implementation of company’s politics and strategies.
• Assign goals to distributors and supervisors by product, and generate necessary reports to commission payments.
• Attend customer requirements of point of sales and distributors 

• University degree in marketing/sales /communication management/ business administration
• Minimum 4 years of commercial role, sales/marketing essential
• Proficiency with the MS Office Suite including Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point

This position is open to people: Local
“We are committed to equal employment opportunities and unbiased treatment of all individuals in all employment practices”
Only Successful Candidates will be contacted
Job Title: Regional Sales Manager – Ifakara (Grade 10)
Ensure achievement of sales objectives in this region and correct implementation of company strategy
through effective coordination of sales and distribution to achieving above target revenue growth.
• Attain sales objectives as per set targets.
• Attain distribution objectives for both Mobile and MFS KPIs as per set targets
• Coordinate direct sales team in order to achieve objectives by applying approved procedures.
• Ensure correct implementation of sales, distribution and marketing strategies.
• Ensure effective training is given to assigned teams to perform effectively and competently.
• Actively seek innovative means to capturing new customers and retaining existing customers.
• Review and analyze daily and weekly sales reports of areas of assigned activators, distributors within region.
• Make periodic visits to assigned zonal territories, to ensure effective implementation of the company’s sales strategy.
• Follow up to ensure that assigned targets of airtime Dealers, MFS Super-Agents, wholesalers and sales supervisor by product are met.
• Generate necessary reports to assist payment of monthly commissions.
• Relationship management and business development including attending customer queries.
• Achieve Monthly gross activation, reload, revenue and MFS targets
• Ensure stock points are effectively utilized as per purchase targets set.
• Directly manage distribution coordinators and activation coordinators.
• Managing the distribution operative routine, policies, process and procedures
• Management of agents and POS KPIs targets and provide administrative support
• Issuing reports requested by area management or general management
• Super dealers’ monthly target settings in conjunction with TM
• Market development as per agreed number of KPI’s per site, ward and district (including POAs, POS, Wakalas, freelancers, TLs and any other channels that will be determined in the futute)
• Maintain visibility and branding of all sales and activation channels in assigned region
• Ensure timely execution of strategic initiatives to achieve great performance to drive sales and distribution profitably and service delivery
• By extension supervise the activities of Super-Agents and Dealer sales teams in the market.
• Get updated information and continues feedback from the market.
• Make constant market audit and evaluations by having scheduled market visits.
• Controlling fraud and practice that can affect the company or the market

• 3+ years of experience in sales management.
• University degree in marketing/ business administration or related areas. 
CORE COMPETENCIES • Effective communicator and presenter.
• A team player, able to work well in multicultural environments.
• Able to build relationships quickly.
This position is open to people: Local
“We are committed to equal employment opportunities and unbiased treatment of all individuals in all employment practices”
Only Successful Candidates will be contacted

List of 5 New Job Opportunities at Azania Bank Ltd

Azania Bank Ltd is a Commercial Bank which has recorded fast growth. Currently, the Bank is seeking to recruit highly motivated, result-driven and qualified Tanzanians professionals to fill the following positions below: – 
Scope of responsibilities
The position holder will lead in development of commercial opportunities and initiate, coordinate and oversee the bank’s industrial facilitation and financing window functions are effectively carried out and advise the bank management accordingly. The objective is to grow and increase the number of bankable industrial projects and their associated value chain that the bank can venture into facilitation and financing.

The position should bring to the bank the required efficiency and coordination in identifying, recruitment and maintenance of quality industrial projects in a bid to grow the bank’s balance sheet and the related sources of income.

Qualification, Experience, and Competencies
Degree in Economics, Finance with exposure and training in project planning and management plus any other related field of study.
Masters in Economics will be an added advantage.

Scope of responsibilities
The position involves getting appropriate markets and marketing options for agricultural produce and their linkages to various value chain stakeholders. It will also oversee various funding options for agricultural activities and devise sustainable linkages with financial service providers aimed at ensuring reliable cashflows sufficient to cover financial commitments to the funders.
The objective is to have adequately funded agricultural sector capable of generating reliable and sufficient cashflows that guarantee creditworthiness customers who use and deploy banking services for mutual development of the parties, namely the players in agricultural projects and their value chains as well as the financier – a banking institution.

Qualification, Experience, and Competencies
Degree in Agricultural Economics, Agriculture, Agribusiness and any other related field of study.
Master’s degree in Agricultural economics, Agribusiness provides an added advantage.

Scope of Responsibilities
The job holder will report to the Manager, Trade Finance and will be responsible for business growth through sales of trade finance solutions to clients including Government, Corporate, Institutions, and other business segments in the areas of trade structured solutions.
Education Qualification
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Banking, Finance, Business Administrations, Marketing, Economics or other relevant fields.


Nature and Scope:-
Monitor the credit portfolio for early warning signals for timely follow up on remedial strategies and recovery strategies for NPLs and Participate in the loan management process by providing expertise for the credit portfolio management.

Education Qualification
-Bachelor Degree in the field of Finance & Banking, Accounting, Business Administration, or other related fields.
Qualification, Experience, and Competencies
  • Bachelor Degree in the field of Finance & Banking, Accounting, Business Administration, or other related fields.
  • Five years’ experience in credit management functions preferably business support functions.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Good management skills with the ability to make decisions in tough circumstances.
  • Able to manage and lead staff
  • Report writing skills
  • Ability to work under pressure, and highly self-motivated
  • Demonstrate a high level of ethical commitment and trustworthiness.
Attractive remuneration packages await successful candidates to the above post as per Azania Bank Limited Salaries and Incentive Schemes as reviewed from time to time. 

General Information
Shortlisted candidates will be required to meet all costs associated with their attendance to the interview. Please note also that successful candidates will be required to meet their relocation costs to Dar es Salaam. 

Mode of Application
Applications must be attached with updated detailed resume and Copies of relevant certificates. The same may be sent through email or physical delivery to the addresses indicated herein below.
The deadline for submission of applications is 30th April 2019.
Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted
Please apply in confidence to:
P. 0. BOX 32089
Tel No.: 2412025/6/7